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on the sunday talk shows. melanie alnwick has a round-up for us. >> reporter: japan's u.s. ambassador and on meet the press. >> we have to take quick action. we have to take a most cautious attitude and also we have to mobilize all our forces. these are the principles in meeting with these great challenges that we are face. >> reporter: a nuclear security expert told chris wallace. worst case scenario is a full meltdown of multiple reactors. >> they spew radioactivity into the ground, the air, water. some of that radioactivity could carry in the atmosphere to the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: the fear is already spreading, dampening what had been a growing call for more nuclear facilities here in the u.s. senator joe lieberman said all 104 u.s. plants do go through annual safety drills. >> i've been a big supporter of nuclear power because it is domestic, it is ours and it is clean. we've had a good safety record here in the united states. but i think we've got -- i don't want to stop the building of nuclear power plants but i think we've got to kind of quickly put the
sunday night in seat pleasant. >>> president obama is laying out his energy plan t includes reducing u.s. alliance on foreign oils and boosting energy production domestically. jennifer davis has the details. >> we cannot keep going from shock when gas prices go up to trance when they go back down. >> reporter: the president says nuclear power needs to be part of the solution. he has ordered a safety review of all u.s. facilities. he lashed out at critics blaming his administration for price tags at the pump. >> any claim that my administration is responsible for gas prices because we, quote, unquote shut down oil production is simply untrue. >> reporter: but republicans counter his administering has opportunity that and much more. >> it has increased permit fees t has prolonged public comment periods. it has done just about anything it can to keep our energy inspector for growing. >> the president encouraged brazil to drill more and sell it to us. >> reporter: nancy policy says the president has support from congressional democrats but green peace is not on board. they issued a statement
victims helped give survivors closure. they were thanked by japan's ambassador to the u.s. >> all the americans are so proud of you and people in japan are so grateful to you. >> reporter: if family members, the team's hard work is nothing new but they say this time around, knowing the ongoing threats of aftershocks and a nuclear meltdown, made them worry more than usual. they are happy and relieved to have their loved ones finally home. >> i'm very proud of them and proud of the way they're representing us and they don't look at themselves as heroes but we all do. >>> good morning. it is 4:30 on this morning as we take a live look over washington, d.c. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tony perkins. >> good morning to you. >> earlier, i said hopefully it was decent. i was being very hopeful. i was like maybe it changed overnight but not going to be great. >> we've got a few showers out there this morning passing across portions of the viewing area and i think during the day today we'll see more periods of run and maybe even some thunderstorm activity during the
lines. meanwhile, the state department is going to evacuate u.s. citizens out of japan. the u.s. is telling all americans within 50 miles of that plant to move. >>> now to a developing story this morning. an explosion outside of a home in potomac. this happened in the 9200 block of inglewood drive. shortly after 9:00 p.m., a hazardous material unit was called to the scene because an unusual odor that was reported. the incident is under investigation still. >>> some other top stories, a major shakeup in the gray administration. major gray asked for and received the resignation of the chief of staff, gerri hall. she is widely blamed for the administration's missteps during the first two months in office that includes the hiring of political appointees children and giving higher than legal salaries to them. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton is leaving her post in 2012 even if president obama wins a second term. she told reporters in cairo she is also not interested in being president, vice president, or defense secretary. >>> now back to the disaster in japan. many americans y
in the resolution. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador susan rice says the first operative paragraph of the resolution calls for an immediate cease-fire and an end to the violence. >> this resolution should send a strong message to colonel gadhafi and his regime, that the violence must stop. the killing must stop and the people of libya must be protected and have the opportunity to express themselves freely. >> reporter: libyans are expressing themselves and the reaction to the resolution is mixed. there is jubilation in some, but some in tripoli say they are against any foreign intervention in libya and this can be sorted out by the libyan people. >> i'm not really impressed by this kind of resolution. it's a joke really. it's nonsense. >> reporter: in an address to his nation, the libyan leader vowed to launch a final assault on the eastern city of bengazi to crush the rebels. >>> thank you. we still have plenty coming up, weather, traffic and all of your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >>> good morning, everyone. it is friday, march 18th, the day after st. patrick's day. hopef
in northern virginia. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement arrested a total of 163 people during a three-day operation. 10 were here illegally. three had already been deported and came back to the u.s. illegally and saturday were considered fugitives. many all have criminal histories including rape and robbery. this is part of a recent enforcement effort targeting criminal aliens. >> we're trying to arrest and remove people from our communities who are committing crimes. if you don't, the statistics suggest, if they stay in our communities long enough and if you're a committed criminal offender, you will commit another crime. you do the math and you'll see. >> some are being criminally prosecuted. those who are not will be processed and deported. >>> we're following many developments in the middle east this morning and the disaster in japan. coming up next, we are getting word of workers injured at japan's crippled nuclear power plant. plus growing fears about radiation now leading to some food rationing. >>> we are remembering elizabeth taylor. the time now is 4:36. we'll be right back.
of tripoli just after night fall on tuesday. the u.s. is reported to have at least 11 vessels in that region, while, in el salvador, the president was questioned on the offensive in libya. >> do you have any regrets about undertaking this mission while you are on foreign soil. >> keep in mind, we are working on very short time frames. >> reporter: in an interview with diane sawyer, secretary of state hillary clinton was asked about just how long this operation will last. >> will it happen by saturday? >> it will be days. whether it is by saturday or not depends upon the evaluation made by our military commanders along with our allies and partners. i hope it will be sooner instead of later. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates and others have said the u.s. military's role will decrease in coming days. >> there are several stages here, several steps that we're looking at and we'll continue to apply pressure on ghadafi, on his regime. >> reporter: the cost to date, at least $240 million for the tomahawk missiles fired and the f-15 jet which crashed this week, worth $31 million. in new yo
. >>> a husband and wife found murdered. this morning, their 12-year-old son is in custody. >>> plus, two u.s. service members killed outside an airport. we'll check more headlines coming up next. >>> some big nfl games in town but are we any closer to a deal to avoid a lockout. time is running out. we'll get the latest.  >>> a colorado town is rocked by a tragic murder investigation. police say a 12-year-old is the main suspect. his parents were found dead by police tuesday night after the boy called police to report shots fired at his home development of the suspect's siblings, a 5-year-old and 9- year-old were also injured. they were taken to the hospital in dire condition. no word on a possible motive. >>> a gunman opened fire in a german airport killing two u.s. service members. another two were injured, one in life-threatening condition right now. the suspect, arid uka. the u.s. airmen were all based in great britain, members of the 48th fighter wing. >> this is a stark reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices that our men and women in uniform are making all around the world t
over the u.s. capitol dome this morning. you'll sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tucker barnes. you still have time to change your forecast because i'm hoping it is still not going to be cold this weekend. >> not much we can do about that one. it is cold out there. bring along a jacket as temperatures have fallen back below freezing across much of the area. should be some sunshine for a change as you head out the door. we are looking at a relatively quiet forecast today. there will be some clouds around. it will be cool, as mentioned. temperatures generally below freezing right now and as we get into the afternoon hours, we'll top out in the upper 40s. 4 in the city but look at the 20s. 5 in frederick, 28 in hagerstown this morning. -- 25 in frederick, 28 in hagerstown this morning. winds will be out of the west and northwest at about five to 10 miles per hour. interesting forecast for the weekend. detail on that in just a minute. >> thank you. >>> now to today's top stories. there is an amber alert in effect this morning for two children in northe
the performers paying tribute to former president george h. w. bush sit with the other three living former u.s. presidents, a kennedy center tribute to the man and his mantra. >> we are all so wrapped up in the things that we do in our daily lives but helping your fellow man, that is what we're here for. >> reporter: on this night honoring the 41st president of the united states. >> it really is something that defines george bush is service to others. he always said a life without service to others is not a complete life. >> he truly does walk the walk that he talks. he is a volunteer. he is a leader and a global citizen and most of all a family man. >> his eldest son george w. is also now a former president joined by his siblings to honor the bush family patriarch. >> in these days, he is getting honored a lot which gives me a sense of melancholy a little bit because he is 86 and people are realizing this may be the last chance to pay tribute to him but my guess is he will be doing great stuff for a long while. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> the former president talked about individual lives of
hope this morning for the family of a retired fbi agent missing for four years. u.s. government officials say they have proof that he is still alive. mary ann rafferty has more on this mystery. >> reporter: robert lever inson retired from the fbi and became a private investigator. he disappeared in march of 2007 from the iranian island of kish. his family says he was looking into a cigarette smuggling operation. his wife traveled to tehran in december of 2007 but didn't find him. >> we don't know where bob is and the nightmare i and my family are experiencing will continue. >> reporter: late last year, levinson's family received proof that he was alive. the information revealed is deemed as highly sensitive and can't be disclose the over fears that it will derail the rescue effort. >> they believe that bob is alive and they're working to try on bring him home. >> reporter: iran has repeatedly said it has no information about levinson. last year, during a trip to the u.s., the iranian president was asked about levinson. >> do you know anything? >> i don't know anything. >> report
barack obama strongly defended the u.s. military action in libya last night in a prime time address from the national defense university in the district. the president said the united states intervened in libya to stop the slaughter of civilians. >> we were faced with the prospect of violence on a horrific scale. we had a unique ability to stop that violence. an international mandate for action, a broad coalation prepared to join us, the support of arab countries and a plea for help from the libyan people themselves. we also had the ability to stop ghadafi's forces in their tracks without putting american troops on the ground. >> the president also said nato will be taking over command of the air operations tomorrow. >>> three small children are in protective services after they were locked inside a room in this virginia home. prince william county police charged 26-year-old christina moore and her 33-year-old boyfriend, john robey with using drywall to prevent ages four, two and just two months old from leaving the room. the 4-month-old was able to get out and go for help. police say th
developments concerning the u.s. prison in guantanamo bay, cuba. direct orders from the white house. we have details. >>> as the violence continues in libya, there is more pressure on moammar ghadafi to step down. we'll hear the warning from president obama. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. >>> military trials will resume to suspected terrorists at guantanamo bay. president obama ordered the trials to restart, ending a two- year ban. mr.obama has vowed to eventually close the detention facility. >>> in the crisis in libya, the president is considering a possible military response along with nato allies. govern
including hawaii and the u.s. mainland from california to washington state and alaska. that quake struck japan's east coast more than 200 miles from tokyo. the tsunami swept the shore along 1300 miles of coastline. a wall of water 13 feet high swept away boats, cars and even buildings. fires continue to burn out of control. that appears to be the wrong video there. flames shot from homes and buildings. the government is preparing to accepted troops to quake- ravagedded areas. nuclear power plants shut down but no nuclear leaks have been detected. a river of sludge and water crept over farm lands. in tokyo, hundreds of miles away, buildings shook for more than 30 minutes after that main quake. one of the aftershocks measureed a 7.4 magnitude, larger than the quake that hit new zealand recently. hundreds of people were evacuated from the trains in tokyo and the city's subway has suspended operations. in the philippines, evacuations have now been ordered where a three foot tsunami is expected to hit. the u.s. geological survey says the first we've could hit hawaii about 3:07 hawaii time. th
cohan. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office here in washington is now confirming that there is an investigation into this growing sulaimon brown scandal. sulaimon brown was a former mayoral candidate here in the district of columbia. here is what happened. he claims that vince gray, then candidate vince gray promised him a city job in exchange for continued attacks on fenty. he also claims that he was receiving payments from the gray campaign. now, brown was recently fired from that city job. meantime, mayor gray is denying any wrongdoing. >> as this unfolds, i was the one that called for the investigation in the first place so i just want to make sure that, as this thing unfolds, that i have the best advice i can possibly have. that is really quite that simple. >> we wanted to be entirely trance parment and open. i'm fine with it. i hope this investigate is conducted quick -- i hope this investigation is conducted quickly so we can move on. >> reporter: mayor gray did hire one of the most prominent attorneys here in washington, bob bennett. we do know that sulai
explosion at that plant and the japanese have now asked the u.s. for help. a team from the nuclear regulatory commission based in rockville has left and is due to arrive in tokyo tomorrow. the government is warning that the radiation levels are harmful for people and ordered 120,000 people to seal themself indoors. they are radiation levels in the capital of tokyo. but officials say it is too small to threaten the 39 million people living there. as far as the earthquake being more than 400 are con furthermored dead with estimates topping 10,000 we are just getting a look at the graphic video showing the deadly tsunami. can you hear their misery as a tsunami wall of water rolls in taking everything in its way. now, days late are, waves of bodies are washing ashore in japan. the water crushed communities to mere rubble and put the residents through pure terror. >> i saw the water and i ran. the water was chasing me like that. >> reporter: millions of people have no food, no water and no heat. in near freezing temperatures, they are homeless and cramming into shelters. the japanese ar
of the radiation from japan has traveled to the west coast of the u.s. and very trace amounts in our region including maryland. we have more in this report. >> reporter: airborne radioactive materials were first detected on the west coast. now, an even more dilute amount appears to be moving cross- country. health officials here say no reason to pan you can. >> there is for reason for alarm. there is no public health concern. what has been reported are trace levels of radioactive material in the air around the country and we did detect very, very, very small levels in the air in maryland. >> reporter: those trace amounts were routinely picked up by the air monitoring sensors near two facilities. but he says it was not enough to pose a risk. >> much, much less than and x- ray. in california, a few days ago, they reported that the amount was less than 1/10 of what you would get from flying from chicago to los angeles. and what we found in maryland was a lot less than what they saw in california. >> reporter: maryland has one of only 10 labs in the country that can test for radiation in food,
. the united nations and the u.s. senate both pass the resolutions against khadafy's crackdown on protesters. rebels in cities near the capital of tripoli are still in control. >>> on capitol hill, lawmakers are a little bit close torah voiding a government shutdown. the house passed a spending extension yesterday. this morning, the senate is voting on it. the white house has stopped short of saying the president will sign this but it does set up another deadline in two weeks for the courthouse and congress to agree on a budget for the rest of the year. >>> beefed-up patrols on metro but not from police. coming up next, an increased effort to cut down on the violence. >>> there are some changes to this year's cherry blossom festival. why you have for fork over some cash to take part in a popular festivity. >>> chilly start. we have temperatures in the low 30s across the region. if you hang in there, we have mild temperatures this afternoon. i'll have all the details on your sunny forecast and julie wright will have a look at your on-time traffic coming up in just a couple of minutes. 
by an american couple sailing around the world. more charges could come later. u.s. naval forces swarmed that yacht after hearing gunfire and killed two pirates and arrested the rest. >>> once again, federal lawmakers are facing a hard deadline to fund the government and avoid a federal shutdown. the senate has until midnight friday to pass the same bill the house approved yesterday. fox's craig boswell has the story for us. very the house passed a stopgap spending measure to fund the government for at least three weeks. >> this is a very good first step of going forward to really get a handle on the spending. >> reporter: the bill cuts $6 billion from the budget and buys time for democrats and republicans to find an agreement on a spending plan for the remaining six months of this fiscal year. lawmaker on both sides voiced frustration over another temporary quick fix. >> this is no way to run a government, lurching back and forth like a drunken sailor. >> is it reckless and irresponsible to ask for $61 billion in cuts when the national debt is 230 times that size? >> reporter: the gop-
. >>> a growing number of u.s. lawmakers want to impose a no- fly zone. defense secretary robert gates says a for-fly zone who require dangerous bombing runs by american pilots and that could force the united states into a third war. >>> we have much more straight ahead on fox 5 morning news. coming up next, violence captured on camera phone video. a brawl broke out at the dmv music awards over the weekend. now, event organizers have a message. we'll have that when fox 5 morning news returns.  >>> there are new details on what happened at the dmv music awards saturday night t has gone viral. fights breaking out, police breaking it up and a handful of people winding up in the hospital. roz plater has more. >> reporter: this is cell phone video posted online showing a series of brawls that broke out during the dmv music awards on saturday night. the fighting started in the ballroom and spilled out into the hotel on two levels. tasha brown is the spokesperson for the event. >> no one ever could foresee that there would be a huge brawl. this awards program has been going on for five years l
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